Monday, September 28, 2009

Republic of Texas (RoT) Radio Launch

Hello all,

Today is the official launch of the Republic of Texas Radio on

Information about real freedom and personal sovereignty is spreading across the Internet at the speed of light, literally. Educational information about taking personal responsibility for the well being and welfare of yourself and your family abound on the net. Where once upon a time one had to go camp out at a library to find out information about the law and/or case law, now such things are freely available on the internet, e.g., as well as paid services like that while intended for lawyers is available for free also in some law libraries that are open to the public.

Information from original source documentation such as letters, speeches and personal documents has been stored online either in image scans or in full text entries that can be cut and paste into any document for use or citation. Facts, figures, and images are at one's fingertips for creating dynamic content that sends a message that can stick in the mind.

At Republic of Texas radio it is our intention to use all of these media methods to deliver timely content to people who are seeking truthful information about personal sovereignty, the United States government, and the Republic of Texas.

Tune in to our shows on where every Monday/Wednesday/Friday we will be taking a look at nothing but the facts regarding history, the law, and the history of the law that has shaped and influenced the world we live in today.